My name is Mayumi Maeda. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and currently living in Portland, Oregon.
Although I was raised on Japanese manga artists such as Suehiro Maruo and animation by Hayao Miyazaki and others, my drawings and paintings are more influenced by music and theater. Much of my inspiration often comes from within, my artistic expression is very personal and perhaps even soulful.

My style has been described as 
both Kitsch and Camp because of incorporates elements of both depth and no-depth, and exaggeration and simplification. My subjects are often young passionate women filled with ennui, but with something to say. Exaggeration of real leads to fantasy.
I hope you enjoy what you see. If you would like to use, or purchase one of my artwork, please contact me to discuss. 

"Mayumi, your art is stylized, charming, and your characters are so memorable. I would love to give my audience the opportunity to check out your expression in person. I would like to feature your work in an upcoming show."

--- Ryan Smith, RAW Showcase Director